Bible Studies & Other Opportunies to Serve

2019 Weekly Bible Studies 

Hope Church believes that Scripture is inspired by God and that is was given without error in the original autographs.  We further believe the Bible to be our guide for Christian living today.  We have found that small group study of God's Word can be an improtant help to spiritual understanding and growth.

Ladies Bible Study - Topic: Essential Questions, DVD study by Ravi Zacharias Int’l. Ministries; conversational apologetics curriculum. Time: 6:30- 8:00 pm. Place: Kinnaman Home, 165 Mandalay Rd., Lee, MA. Contact: Loren Kinnaman 413-841-6178 or lorekinn@gmail.comResumes Jan 7, skip Jan. 14. Study should conclude in February.
~ “Early Birds” - 7:00 AM - Topic: “Rightly Handling God’s Word”. Leader: Steve Brown.  Place:  Hope Church.  Contact: Marcia Zikan, 
413-637-2212 or Steve Brown 413-243-4720.  Next meeting January 8.
~ East Lee. Topic: 1 & 2 Peter. Open to all. Place: Jim & Jamie Ramondetta, 205 Chestnut Street, Lee. Time: 7:00 PM. Leader: Pastor Doug Foss. Contact: Jamie Ramondetta ( or 243-0775).  Resumes Jan. 8.
~ East Chatham, NY.  TopicBook of Galatians. Open to all.  Place:  Haakonsen,153 Barnegat Road, East Chatham, NY. Time: 7:00 PM. Leader: Pastor Doug Foss. Contact: Sandy Haakonsen ( or 518-392-0408) Resumes Jan. 9.

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