Advent Christian General Conference – Our denominational website:

The Berkshire Institute for Christian Studies:

The Missing Peace Trust (Mike Hencher, England) 

The Western Way Chapel (Mike Hencher, England)

Ligonier Ministries – The teaching ministry of R. C. Sproul:

Mountian Community Church

Alpha and Omega/Christian Apologetics and Theology – James White:

Biblical Prophecy – This is a web site on the pre-mil. historicist interpretation of prophecy.  The architect is Rev. Joe Haynes, grandson of A. J. L. Haynes, Canadian pre-mil. historicists.  The web site is very helpful for full text reproductions of some of Elliott's and H. G. Guinness' works:

Biblical Archaeology and Bible and Science – This is the site of the Associates for Biblical Research, Bryant Woods, organization.  It is an excellent source for current articles on archaeology which supports the Bible, also including several good links.  It also includes articles on evolution and intelligent design:

2015 Mexico Medical Trip   Click here for details 

A Community Evangelical Church