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Hope Missionary Current News and Events
Each Month the Hope Church Missions group meets to review news from our Foreign Missionaries, to communicate with them and to develop updates  
Begun in 1993, Word of Life Romania is led today by Mihai Bucur. The missionary team, along with 110 volunteer counselors, ministers to thousands of Romanian young people. 5,000 of them accepted Jesus Christ as their Personal Savior. Their ministry includes evangelistic campaigns and 5 weeks of camp, which accommodates over 650 young people. 
Below is their Fall/Winter 2017 newsletter. 
Rev. Edward & Christine Vergara are well seasoned missionaries that have served in many areas in South and Central America. They provide Christian Life and Services Cources through the School for Evangelism and Discipleship of Global University. This Christian school has been helping new believers to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ for over 30 years in countries around the world. their website is at sed.globalutraining.com

They recently sent this message to all of us at Hope:
Hello Pastor and Friends,
May this note find you well in our Lord.
We take this opportunity to wish you a very special Christmas, and thank you for prayers and financial support.
Edward & Christine Vergara
https://vimeo.com/243400634  (click link or on video below) 
Through the Department of World Outreach, ACGC facilitates a growing worldwide network of Advent Christian ministries. Outside of the U.S. and Canada, there are nineteen Advent Christian conferences throughout Asia, Latin America, Europe and Africa. In addition to the relationships with these nineteen conferences, we also partner with Advent Christian ministries such as Cristo Salva (Honduras), Oro Bible College (the Philippines), Agape House Ministries (worldwide), the Christian Mission (Thailand) and more. We seek to fulfill the Great Commission by developing strategic ministry relationships with these conferences and ministries and by pioneering new works as the Lord leads. If you are interested in learning more or if you would like information about becoming an ACGC missionary, please don’t hesitate to contact us.Jeff Walsh
Director of World Outreach
We Treat, Jesus Heals is the motto of Tenwek hospital in Bombet, Kenya.   Tenwek hospital is a ministry of World Gosepel Mission and Africa Gospel Church.  From its humble beginning as a single-nurse dispensary in 1937, Tenwek has grown to a 260 bed hospital offerning specialty care to patients from local and regional areas as well as from throught the country. 

   Russ spends the majority of his time teaching and discipling young Christian doctors who are studying surgery at Tenwek Hospital. He is also actively involved in the life of the local church. Specific ministry roles include: Chief of Surgery, director of Residency Training Program in General Surgery, director of Medical Education, director of Cardiac Surgery, and director of Surgical Research Program at Tenwek; lay leader at Bethesda Africa Gospel Church; and board member of Kenya Highlands Evangelical University.
   Beth: One of Beth’s main roles is to support Russ in his work from home. She is also actively involved in the discipleship of some of the female doctors in training and hosts a number of Bible studies for the wives of doctors in training. She takes care of their family; homeschools their youngest child, Anna; and teaches in a homeschooling coop. Additionally, Beth hosts and entertains visitors who come to serve at Tenwek and is involved in care and outreach to the indigent in the Tenwek area.

Below is a Video of their work, family and lives in Kenya and a new 
Hearts for Children - Tenwek Hospital Video that describes some of their work. 
Michael and Rachele are returning to the mission field in Asia after spending some time in a stateside assignment. Following the Lord's leading, they are obediently going where they feel they can do the most good.

Michael and Rachele have discovered open positions in *******. One of the top needs for Hillcrest International School is for a Network Administrator. Michael has been working in the States learning valuable skills that will prepare him for his new role in many ways.

Rachele went to school to be a dental assistant and worked with an oral surgeon for some time. She has been looking for an opportunity to get back into the medical field and she has finally found one. She now has an assignment working for a dentist who serves missionary families and people in the surrounding communities.

Please consider joining their Wycliffe ministry partnership team as they return to the field. Pray for them as they transition to their next overseas assignment in Indonesia.

We finally have a well drilled on Gordon Mt. (our third mission headquarters)! God is good!

April 27, 2017
 Dear Brothers and sisters in Yeshua,
  Shalom! Thank you for your prayers and support! By the Grace of God we have accomplished so much on this trip and we are going to be heading home on Monday morning.
 We finally have a well drilled on Gordon Mt. (our third mission headquarters)! God is good! Ever since the war broke out here in South Sudan last July, our radio staff has been living on Gordon Mt. There was a major  need for water on this mountain as our staff has been getting their water directly from the Nile, without purification or anything! So, as you all well know, we started raising the money needed to drill a well! The Lord opened the door for us to hire a water drilling company from Kampala, Uganda, and they sent a surveyor who found plenty of water at the bottom of Gordon Mt. I decided that in order for us to get the water to the top of the mountain (where our staff quarters is located), the best course of action was to pump the water to the top of Gordon Mt. using solar electricity and pipes.
     Mike & Janet Hencher,  
    Mike was born in London and with his wife Janet, raised five children. Before being involved full-time in Christian work, Mike was a civil engineer. In 1972 he joined the office staff of the Movement for World Evangelisation and then worked with the Don Summers Evangelistic Association as an evangelist. For nine years he worked in fellowship with Counties, working mainly in Gloucestershire. In 1978 the Christian Television Association began its work in his home town in Bristol and this involvement with the media led to being asked to broadcast on Trans World Radio and local radio stations.
From 1995 he studied at The University of Gloucestershire, obtaining a BA (Hons) in Theology and an MA in Biblical Studies. Recently, under the auspices of The Missing Peace Trust, he has written books and produced DVDs and Online videos working with Foxvideo Productions. He is now devoting as much time as possible to assisting the work of Western Way Chapel Dymock and working on the Tom Roberts Adventure Centre project.

    Western Way Chapel is a Christian Fellowship who believe the Bible is the inspired word of God and base our lives and worship on it's teaching.We believe that faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ brings eternal salvation and a living relationship with God our heavenly Father through the Holy Spirit. Messages are often recorded, are in series and can be listened to on the Western Way Chapel at www.westernwaychapel.org

Jacob and Beth returned to the Missions Field last week.

Dear Friends and Family,
Thank you all for praying as we traveled around the world this week! Our flight from LAX in California to Figi went well… Jonathan slept 9 out of the 11 hours of flying time. And Naomi slept a lot as well, and even as much as 6 hours straight! Our flight from Figi to Papua New Guinea made a stop in the Solomon Islands, a total of 6 hours. This was a harder flight because it was ‘day time’ and our children were awake and looking for things to do J but we made it to Port Moresby, PNG on schedule. Then we just had a 2 hour flight (including a stop in Madang) to get to Wewak. We were so excited to finally arrive… it was very surreal!
We are so thankful to be back! Please continue to pray for us as we unpack and clean everything (due to the mold and bugs) and settle into our ministries again. Pray also that we can figure out how to get our internet up and running, as we are borrowing internet at the moment. And we also want to ask for your prayers for Naomi, she can’t figure out how to take naps in the day, poor girl. But she is sleeping pretty well at night. Jonathan on the other hand is loving it here… always playing outside with the other boys, riding his scooter or helping dad move boxes and remembering so many things about our life here! He is so tired out that he has great naps and sleeps well at night!
Because of His Love and Grace,
Jacob and Beth
Jonathan and Naomi
Serving with New Tribes Missions, Wewak Support Center, in the Sepik of Papua New Guinea
On Sunday, March 5, Libby Little was at Hope Church to give a quick update from the pulpit then meet with Hope Members to bring us up to date on her work with refugee families in upstate NY. It was a great presentation and is recorded in the sermon section of the website.

     This is part of her last newsletter followed by a great link to a video.

Libby’s work: Someone asked me last weekend how my sabbatical was going. I laughed, remembering the words to an old Negro spiritual, “I Ain’t  Got Time to Die” .   I feel like  “I Aint got time for a sabbatical”, that’s for sure! 

So what do I do? Lots of different things….I visit refugee families, help them with their immediate translation needs at clinics and schools, I work with churches and individuals who want to organize ‘Friendship Centers’, here and elsewhere, ordering materials in the two major Afghan languages to have on hand, and of course, I ‘network’… talking, emailing, skyping…. with pastors and individuals  who recognize a growing desire in themselves and their congregations  to reach out to “the foreigners”  in their ‘parishes’.
Almost weekly I hear, embedded in a refugee’s story, the name or description of a person who touched the Afghan refugee’s life in a special way back in Afghanistan or at a camp in Pakistan…through an English class, a project, a clinic. It shouldn’t surprise me that after being in Afghanistan for 3 decades, I often know who these “significant friends” are, and, thanks to email or FB, I can try to reunite them. This has been a deeply satisfying part of this work as I see the steadfast loving hand of God  working and guiding these people through  many dangers and over long distances. 

While writing this letter I received an email from a pastor 25 miles away. He asked for help with a Christian Afghan family newly settled in his area. The first wife of the man was murdered for her faith many years ago…now this Afghan man, his second wife and their children would like to reach out to other Afghans …Can I help them do that?
So, it’s true, “I Ain’t got time for a sabbatical……and that is fine with me.”

Thank you again for your love, prayers and support.
God bless you and your New Year!
Serving Together for Christ, Libby  

Note from the Missions Commission: 
Libby had provided this great video clip, giving a biblical perspective on working with refugee's
Jacob & Beth Devine from Papua New Guinea have been on home assignment for several months

They will be returning to the missions field on Febuary 1 with a new baby and lots of plans for the future.  Please take some time to learn about their work & support them as they return to a very challenging area of the world.
  • On Sunday January 1, in place of the Sunday School classes they will give Hope Church an update on their upcoming work with New Tribes Ministries in Papua New Guinea downstairs in the Gym. This will be informal with Coffee & Tea provided.
  • On Saturday, January 14 at 8AM their will be a special shower for Baby Naomi Devine in the Gym. Please see the bulletin for details.  Because Jacob & Beth will have many extra expenses for baby Naomi & limited luggage space on their trip back to Papua New Guinea, we are asking for monetary gifts of cash or checks to help cover their expenses. (Checks may be made out to Hope Church or Jacob & Beth Devine.) Beth will also share what they will be doing on their return to Papua New Guinea on Febuary 1.
On Sunday, January 22, two missionary couples from Mexican Medical will be at Hope Church after the Sunday service.  These couples have been Hope missionaries for many years.  They will be available after church in the youth room to meet with people in an informal setting.  They can answer any questions you might have about Mexican Medical Ministries and talk about a possible missions trip next fall. The missions group will provide coffee & tea.

Dr. Álvaro and Soledad Ávila
Álvaro and Soledad have been serving the Lord as missionaries in Cabo San Lucas since 1996, ministering with Mexican Medical Ministries through medicine, health education, and evangelism. They are dedicated to providing medical and optical care, both in the clinic and in evangelistic health fairs. The Ávilas also provide care at senior centers, children’s feeding programs, and “Path of LIfe” rehab center, and in local schools.  But I will heal this city and its people and restore them to health. I will show them abundant peace and security. –Jeremiah 33:6
Steve and Jan Crews Steve and Jan have a long history of serving in Mexico with various visiting teams starting in 1976. Later, as youth pastors, they brought their own youth teams to Mexico and in 1996, transitioned to working directly with Mexican Medical in the communities in southern Baja.In 2002, Steve accepted the position of president of Mexican Medical, and now oversees the day-to-day operations of the organization. His responsibilities include pastoring the 30 field missionaries, non-profit financial accountability, and furthering the vision of Mexican Medical to bring healing and hope to the people of Mexico.
Steve and Jan have recently expanded this vision to include assisting at the Gabriel House, a home for severely disabled children, partnering with a local Bible school, and enhancing community health education.
God has shown them that demonstrating compassion through medical service opens the door to share the gospel and softens hearts to receive it.

   Mike & Janet minister thru the Missing Peace Trust and the Western Way Chapel in Gloucestershire, England.  Updates are provided on their website or by e-mail.  Below is a recent video update that was posted on the Western Way website.
Mission Statement
The Associates for Biblical Research exists to serve the global Church of Jesus Christ through ministries that affirm and promote the full authority, reliability and inerrancy of the Scriptures.

  Dr. Bryant Wood became a Christian while an undergraduate in college. After working as a nuclear engineer at General Electric for thirteen years, God called him to serve in the area of Biblical archaeology and he returned to school for training in this field. After earning a Master’s degree in Biblical history from the University of Michigan, he went on to the University of Toronto where he received a Ph.D. in Syro-Palestinian archaeology.
 Dr. Bryant’s work demonstrates the truth of the Biblical account of the capture of Jericho (Joshua 2–6) and received international media attention. ABR is open for participation in excavations.  Roy Anderson often works with them in some of their excavations.
  FALL UPDATE “We praise God for the continued success at our Dig and for blessing us with the ability to expand the excavations.” The Website is http://www.biblearchaeology.org and is loaded with resources including books, video, audio and photographs of work.
Annual Hope Church Missions Conference Sunday, October 23
Jeff Walsh is the Director for Advent Christian Missionaries.  They have extensive missionary outreaches all over the world.  They send a weekly newsletter that describes their work in detail at worldoutreach@acgc.us
   Jeff is our Guest Speaker for this year’s missions conference at Hope on Sunday, October 23.  We will be having three sessions that day.  At 9:30 the Bible Study group will meet together with Jeff for an informal question and answer session.  He will provide the message that day and will join us for a Fellowship Dinner after church.
   Shalom. You usaully  get to  read first hand account of  ONMI's news brief in the South Sudan from us. But it is also encouraging to hear and another first hand report about our mission from  a major  US Christian News Network, CBN which had sent out their special reporter Mr. George Thomas to do special report on the mission of Operation Nehemiah in the South Sudan. 
   Mr. George Thomas, CBN's  global reporter, managed to put out the news report on the mission of  Operation Nehemiah  in South Sudan for the whole world to see. It is only 7.11 minutes long but it sums it all.  I truly encourage you to watch it and pass it on.  You don't get to see or read reports like this coming out of South Sudan from the mainstream media nowadays.
    In May, 2016, before  my family left for ONMI mission trip to the South Sudan, Mr. George Thomas , CBN News global reporter promised to come out and  meet us in South Sudan before  our returning to the USA. He want to witness and document the work of Operation Nehemiah on the ground. He wanted to find out what set Operation Nehemiah apart from the rest of humanitarian global organization working in the South Sudan.              
     He  arrived at our mission headquaters in Borongole, EE Pageri, County  EE State South Sudan on July 17th and my family hosted him for three days at the Beth Israel Farmhouse. He left South Sudan on July 22. we stayed for another 10days after his departure. 
He arrived at the height of South Sudan's most current Crisis which took place on July 8th  which drove tens and thousands of civillians back to exile. As he was leaving the USA on July 14th for South Sudan, the crisis had already begun and  escalating on daily  bases. He asked us if it was safe for us and for him to come down?   We told him to take courage and come up, for his safety and our safety was in the hand of God.  Sure enough he came by faith and the Lord protected all of us. 
Now here is his entire report. Please watch and pass on as the Lord leads, you also help in small way like George Thomas to help lift up our hands
CBN World News reporter, Mr.  George Thomas visited Operation Nehemiah Mission Headquarters in South Sudan.  Here is his report, very  gripping & riveting. 
In His grace
William Levi, Founder & Overseer 
Operation Nehemiah Missions 
PO Box 563 
Lanesborough MA 01237 USA
William and Hannah Levi of Operation Nehemiah and their family have just completed an extended trip to South Sudan.
Operation Nehemiah News Brief, Coming Home!
August 03, 2016 Update

"All is well! We made it safely to Entebbe (Uganda) last night (Tuesday) and will be flying away this evening (Wednesday).Thank you so much for your prayers!"  ~Katherine Saunders
Operation Nehemiah News Brief
July 16, 2016 Update

Dear family and friends,

Shalom! We are doing well despite what you might have heard regarding the insecurity here in the country."...I cannot come down; why should the work cease...?" Nehemiah 6:3

God has brought the people of South Sudan this far by faith and he will not turn them back.
Continue to pray for us and the country. We will give you a full report soon.

In his Grace
William Levi and family
Operation Nehemiah News Brief

Rebuilding the Family, the Church and the Community in the Republic of South Sudan


Shalom from South Sudan. We thank God for your prayers and support. Today is June 17, 2016.

On June 11, 2016, my family made the long anticipated move to our Nehemiah Farm house located in the heart of the Beth Israel Farmland. This is no longer a dream. We are living here by the grace of God Almighty.   Operation Nehemiah and the Nile Beth Israel Messianic Congregation has made a commitment to dedicate a portion of this land for food production to meet the physical needs of the body of Christ and the local community who have returned from exile to rebuild their country for the glory of God. It is imperative for us, not the UN or the Government, to meet the needs of struggling families, widows , and the fatherless. Severe food shortage has been South Sudan’s major obstacle to the rebuilding effort of the country. Many are still receiving U.N. rations that only serve to perpetuate the cycle of poverty.

                 Our move to the Beth Israel Farm House took place during an unexpected dry spell which lasted for one and half months. This was a real spiritual test for us, as we had just finished planting about several acres of land and the ground was getting dangerously dry.

On June 12th we held a worship service at the farm to give thanks to God and dedicate the house and land for His glory. About 500 people joined us for two days, including families, churches, government officials, and military commanders. We had a wonderful time praising the Lord. In closing, we prayed for rain.  Just a day later, God sent us a torrential rain! It poured for over 2 hours and it has continued to rain daily. Now we are busy planting trees and more crops in the field. Praise the Lord! Deuteronomy 8.

     July 2016 Is Interserve USA.        Interserve is a community of  followers o f  Jesus, passionate about reaching the Unseen 1/4 with the Gospel. The Unseen 1/4 are the 2+ billion Muslim, Buddhist , and Hindu peoples who have no access to a follower of Christ. This is because only 3% of all Christian workers live and serve among them. We are passionate about our Lord, committed to discipleship, and long for the transformation of lives and communities by the power of the Gospel.
Rev. Edward and Christine Vergara, Ministry in Uruguay, South America. 
Newsletters from this ministry are often done in Video's.
     Attached to this note is our Video Newsletter, with a report on Uruguay. There is no doubt that this is harvest time in Kingdom related matters. We pray God's renewal upon your life, family and congregation, with appreciation for the prayer support and the finances given, even in challenging times.  God's best to you, always. Edward & Christine Vergara.”
The video is below for you to view
The June 2016 Missionary Team of the Month is Craig & Kristy Libby with Mexican Medical Ministries.
Below is part of the last newsletter sent in April. 

Click Here for the Mexican Medical Website for information,
future trips and their newsletters.

A team of 19 Americans and 19 Mexicans from Tijuana traveled together to San Felipe where we offered health fairs to two different communities. What a blessing to serve side by side. 110 people prayed to receive Christ as their Savior for the first time through these events. We worked with 8 different churches in San Felipe. Pray for the pastors and their churches as they follow up with these new believers.

We would love for you to be part of our upcoming Tijuana Medical Outreaches (Brigadas).  Here's the upcoming dates:
June 18
August 6
September 24
November 12
The April Missionary Team is Mike and Janet Hencher. They are Hope Chruch sponsored missionaries who serve in England. They serve at the Missing Peace Trust and Western Way Chapel in Dymock, Gloucestershire, run by it's members, focused on service to the local community and surrounding area. Wes and Suzanne visited them last year bringing a love offering from Hope Church.
To access the Missing Peace Trust website click here
To access the Western Way Chapel in Dymock click here

The Missionary of the Month for March is Jacob and Beth Devine with New Tribes Ministries 

Jacob & Beth's Journey to Papua New Guinea

How did a young man from Nova Scotia’s fishing community and a woman from the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts end up together, serving God in Papua New Guinea! :) The answer can only be… in God’s perfect, timely and loving plan.
Jacob loved his childhood in Nova Scotia… living very close to all his extended family in a small town right on the ocean, the fresh air of the ocean, building forts in the woods, eating fish almost every day and Lobster every Christmas… His dad was a captain of a fishing boat. His grandpa was a captain of a fishing boat… so many thought perhaps Jacob would follow in those footsteps. But life changed when his parents moved to New Brunswick to attend Bible School. And life took another huge turn when the Devine family moved to Bolivia for a year to work at the Missionary kids’ school with NTM. After moving back from Bolivia Jacob home-schooled which freed him up to join his uncle on a fishing boat for a few lobster seasons. He learned a lot during this time and knew he would go on to something else. After graduating from High School, Jacob went to a Community College for a degree in Cabinet Carpentry, then off to Bible school. After Bible school he started up his own Cabinetry business and enjoyed working away at what he loved to do but still there was something else he wanted to do. He had a desire to travel… so off he went to Papua New Guinea in 2005.
You might wonder where Beth comes into the picture, or perhaps you’ve already figured it out :) …. But let me back up a bit… Beth grew up in about 6 states throughout her childhood. This was a bit rough, but she was always thankful to return to the same Christian camp each summer where her mom worked as the nurse. She enjoyed living near her Grandma, Aunts & Uncles and Cousins for a time in CT. It was also fun to live hear her other Grandparents, enjoying the small town of NY. But the best news came when she found out the Weaver family was moving to MA to live at the Christian camp year round! This is when she found her love of cooking and baking as she volunteered each weekend in the kitchen for the Conferences. It was a fun time of working together as a family and as a team of Camp staff. After a few years though, the sad day came when they had to leave. But then Beth headed to Panama on a missions trip with NTM. This opened her worldview up to missions and all God was doing there. But she couldn’t think about it too much because high school had to be completed and college needed to be attended. So Beth headed to culinary school with the idea of working full time as a Chef at a Christian camp. This idea was challenged by her mom close to her graduation from college when a newsletter came from a mission organization talking about the need of a cook at a campus called Interface in Papua New Guinea. So with much fear and excitement Beth went to Papua New Guinea for one year. And then again 8 months later, she went back for 2 years. I guess you could say, she liked it there. :) Over these years, Beth began to feel that God desired her to work at Interface full time. So she went to Bible school with NTM and then to the Missionary Training Center. And God allowed for her to return to Interface as the Chef in 2003. And that was where she was working in 2005 when Jacob arrived as an Interface student/ NTM of Canada Associate.
Since the Interns didn’t have a kitchen of their own most of the time Jacob was at Interface, Jacob enjoyed eating meals at Beth’s place with the other Interns. Through this time of eating together and hanging out a lot, they became friends. When it was time for Jacob to leave 8 months later, the two were quite sad. Emails started between the two of them and lasted many years. After Jacob left he decided missions was something he wanted to do. So he went to NTM Training Center. During his time in the training, Interface contacted Jacob about returning to join the staff. After finishing the training Jacob felt Interface was the place God wanted him to serve. And he felt that Beth was the woman God wanted him to marry. So in August 2008 he decided he must first ask Beth what she thought. After talking about it, they both felt that God wanted them to start dating as Jacob planned to head back to Interface. They dated for one year via email, Skype, letters and packages. Then they finally met because Beth headed home for home assignment for 6 months! July 13, 2009 was the exciting day! Then August 17, 2009 Jacob asked Beth to marry him. And of course she said “Yes!”.  They got married on November 9, 2009 and arrived back at Interface to join the staff as a married couple on January 31, 2010. We served on the Interface staff until July 2012 when we headed home for our Home Assignment and to have our son, Jonathan. While we were away the Interface campus closed down and the Interface program moved to Madang due to lack of finances. So then we were asked to work in the Sepik region of Papua New Guinea, at the NTM support centre in Wewak. So that is where we are today, Jacob serves on the maintenance team and helps with the NTM Centre’s security and Beth works in the business office a few days a week when Jonathan is napping.
So, now you know the story of how a young man from Nova Scotia’s fishing community and a woman from the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts end up together, serving God in Papua New Guinea! :)
The Ministry of the Month for February is Mihai and Ana Laura Bucur from Romania 

Mihai and Ana were at Hope on March 8, 2015 for an update.  They are doing very well and returning to the missions field after some time in the US. 

They continue to minister in Romania at a camp to young people in evangelistic and discipleship programs. They have two children, Sophia and Lucas. In 2013 Mihai was officially installed as the new Field Director for the country of Romania. 2015 was a challenging year with Mihai recovering from severe renal colic and living in a country very close to the conflict in Ukraine.
The Hope Ministry of the Month for November 2015 is Advent Christian Foreign Missionaries.
This month we focus on Cristo Salva in Central America. 

Founded in 1991, Cristo Salva is a ministry of encouragement to the people of Honduras, Central America.
Our outreach to children and families living in extreme poverty seeks to satisfy their physical ,educational and most importantly their spiritual needs.

Latest News

In July 2012, Cristo Salva had the opportunity to plant a church in Las Pilas,  a little mountain village above Las Varas. We had been visiting the people in the village for quite a  few years. There wasn't a church in this village. The Lord opened the doors for a local Pastor and his family to begin holding church services there. We were able to purchase a piece of land and construct a temporary structure to meet at. This little church family began to grow. Eventually, the Pastor was not able to continue ministering there so we had a couple of interim Pastors fill in.
Recent News 

In January 2015, the Lord opened the doors for a partnership between Earl and Carol Kline's home church, Iglesia El Sinai, a Spanish Church in Portland, Maine and Cristo Salva to establish a permanent church in Las Pilas. Iglesia El Sinai has 3 churches in El Salvador and 1 in Guatemala. They have a missions director and missions coordinator who will be responsible for overseeing the administration of this church. The new Pastor/Missionary is Atelo from Guatemala. He is establishing the church and overseeing the construction of the new building, which should be completed by July 2015. He is discipling  Manuel and Norma  from the village so that Manuel can  take over as Pastor within the next year to two years. 

Cristo Salva is Supported by AC World Outreach which is supported by Hope Church.  Click here to go to their Website. 
November, 2015 Short Term Mexico Medical Missions trip.

In November of 2015 Hope Church again sent a group of members to participate in a short term missionary trip.  Please click here to upload a presentation (PDF) of the trip made to Hope Church after our return. 

Please talk to Bruce and visit their website at http://www.mexicanmedical.com/ to take a look at amazing short term missions trips to Mexico. 
March 2015
Mihai and Ana Laura our our missionaries with Word of Life International. They work in a very challenging ministry at a camp for young people in a country we can't post on the internet. They will be doing a presentation to Hope on their ministry on Wednesday, March 18 at 7PM at a regular missions meeting.  People from Hope are invited to join us. Their is more information on the Missions Bulletin Board outside the office. Barb Clayton is the Missions team contact for Mihai and Ana Laura for Hope.
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