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Each Month the Hope Church Missions group meets to review news from our Foreign Missionaries, to communicate with them and to develop updates  
The Hope Church Missionary Focus for the month of May 2019 is Operation Nehemiah.  This is an e-mail update on progress on upcoming missions trip from April 23. 

Praise God! The critically needed backhoe frontloader has arrived at the OMNI compound in South  Sudan in the midst of impossible conditions set by custom authorities  both in Uganda and South Sudan. The on going work in the  Beth Israel Farmland is so impressive.
According to our country Director, Pastor Timothy Levi, getting  the backhoe and the front loader out of the dealership,hiring a flatbed going  through the Ugandan custom into the South Sudan, and going through the South Sudan custom authorities was nothing short of  God's miracles from above.
If the equipment were to arrive South Sudan custom authorities today, it would have been kept there for at least a month before it gets to our compound in Borongole. You could imagine what could that mean for the work for which  this equipment is needed for. Instead, God did the impossible, cut through the the roadblocks, put the right people in the right places at the right time and expedite equipment expeditiously into our hand.
So far, we got the road plates to go on the equipment. We got fuel, chainsaw and trainer ready to start working  at the Beth Israel Farm this week.
Meanwhile,the tractor in the farm is doing marvelous work. The field is prepared for plantation. The tractor operator says,he is ready to finish the entire field by this Thursday. We got seeds ready to be planted in the field ready for cultivation.

Measuring our progress based on what we envisioned to do in the first quarter of 2019, from last years projection, I can say, yes, by the power of God, we achieved most of the goals set forth.

1- We prayed and wanted  to clear the backlog of financial burden on the ministry from last year 2018 by  January- February 2019 so that we start 2019 with little to no debt to the mission. God came through with that efford.
2- We prayed and  wanted to retool and repair  the existing farm  equipment and prepare the land ready for cultivation in first quarter of 2019. That goal is now achieved.
3- We prayed and wanted to get the backhoe frontloader between March and April. Again,God answered our prayers. We got the backhoe frontloader between the month of March and April 2019.
4- We prayed and wanted to go to South Sudan on mission trip   asap with my family and other missionaries in May 2019 for 2 months. This is still in the making. We need to secure our airline tickets.  We just found out it will cost us $7800 for Airline tickets for all 9 of us. We have so far raised $3000 towards that as of today. Price can change day by day but it won't be much. This is now our next steps. We need for your prayers in this effort. I know God will provide.
5.- We have been praying for transportation. But we are ready to  let go of raising $35,000 for a Land Cruiser at this time. I believe the Lord wants  us to work with what we have.  We have existing vehicle on the ground, a Pick up Toyota Hilux  Double cabin purchase used  in 2017. It has engine problem and has not been driven since August last year.. We need a new engine.  Putting a new engine will cost us $5000 for new tires and brakes. This will be  $30,000 less than what we have to raise for a new vehicle for now. I'm sure the Lord has another plan. The vehicle can take 6- 7 people  sitting comfortablly  inside and over 7 people sitting outside. This is allowed in South Sudan. This will still give us the 13- 14 passangers we could easily transport. But again,it is in God's hands. The Lord is  faithful 🙏 . Thank you for your prayers.

We  just received $5000 to wards the fixing of the engine
Right now our entire budget  before the trip is reduced to $30, 000 in the next  2-3  weeks in April and May . This is now our central need for payers and support.

In His grace
William  Levi, Founder & Overseer
 Operation Nehemiah Missions
 PO Box 563
Lanesborough MA 01237

Jacob & Beth Devine are missionaries with New Tribes Ministries  renamed Ethnos 360. They work to support the establishment of indigenous churches in tribal people groups, as well as translation of the Bible, by serving  the NTM Center.  In October, Jacob suffered a complex leg fracture woring on a missionaries home and had to be air lifted to Australia for treatment. In January, their daughter Naomi fell and broke her leg as well.  This is the post from Ethnos 360, they are also on Facebook. 

"Just one day after we sent out our latest newsletter, talking about the “Surprises of Life” that God takes us through, we had another one come our way… Naomi fell and broke her leg too! Yes, it is true! For those following us on Facebook, thank you for all your prayers!

Naomi was just walking in her room and tripped and fell on a plastic toy cover. After that she was in great pain and didn’t want to walk. So Beth, Jonathan and Naomi flew to Goroka to our mission’s centre where the clinic is located. We had a weather delay and ended up in a different town in PNG at a different mission center. But we finally made it to the clinic for the x-ray the next day. There was no broken bone seen on the x-ray. But the doctor said that it could possibly be a “toddler fracture” which meant that they couldn’t see the break on the x-ray until 10 days after the injury. So a week later, Feb 7th, Naomi had another x-ray. The x-ray showed evidence of a break in the tibia bone, so Naomi got a cast on her leg at the NTM clinic. We were able to get tickets to fly home a couple days later, which actually was canceled. But we finally made it home the next day! And we are all happy to be reunited again!

Naomi will need to keep her cast on for 2 weeks. So Feb 21st we will have a cast removing party by putting her in the bathtub. Then the cast will peel right off! Please pray for complete healing for Naomi’s little leg. And we would still appreciate prayers for Jacob’s leg, as it continues to heal each day!

Thank you all for your prayers during these crazy times!!"

The Missionary of the Month for March is Jacob and Beth Devine with New Tribes Ministries 

Jacob & Beth's Journey to Papua New Guinea

How did a young man from Nova Scotia’s fishing community and a woman from the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts end up together, serving God in Papua New Guinea! :) The answer can only be… in God’s perfect, timely and loving plan.
Jacob loved his childhood in Nova Scotia… living very close to all his extended family in a small town right on the ocean, the fresh air of the ocean, building forts in the woods, eating fish almost every day and Lobster every Christmas… His dad was a captain of a fishing boat. His grandpa was a captain of a fishing boat… so many thought perhaps Jacob would follow in those footsteps. But life changed when his parents moved to New Brunswick to attend Bible School. And life took another huge turn when the Devine family moved to Bolivia for a year to work at the Missionary kids’ school with NTM. After moving back from Bolivia Jacob home-schooled which freed him up to join his uncle on a fishing boat for a few lobster seasons. He learned a lot during this time and knew he would go on to something else. After graduating from High School, Jacob went to a Community College for a degree in Cabinet Carpentry, then off to Bible school. After Bible school he started up his own Cabinetry business and enjoyed working away at what he loved to do but still there was something else he wanted to do. He had a desire to travel… so off he went to Papua New Guinea in 2005.
You might wonder where Beth comes into the picture, or perhaps you’ve already figured it out :) …. But let me back up a bit… Beth grew up in about 6 states throughout her childhood. This was a bit rough, but she was always thankful to return to the same Christian camp each summer where her mom worked as the nurse. She enjoyed living near her Grandma, Aunts & Uncles and Cousins for a time in CT. It was also fun to live hear her other Grandparents, enjoying the small town of NY. But the best news came when she found out the Weaver family was moving to MA to live at the Christian camp year round! This is when she found her love of cooking and baking as she volunteered each weekend in the kitchen for the Conferences. It was a fun time of working together as a family and as a team of Camp staff. After a few years though, the sad day came when they had to leave. But then Beth headed to Panama on a missions trip with NTM. This opened her worldview up to missions and all God was doing there. But she couldn’t think about it too much because high school had to be completed and college needed to be attended. So Beth headed to culinary school with the idea of working full time as a Chef at a Christian camp. This idea was challenged by her mom close to her graduation from college when a newsletter came from a mission organization talking about the need of a cook at a campus called Interface in Papua New Guinea. So with much fear and excitement Beth went to Papua New Guinea for one year. And then again 8 months later, she went back for 2 years. I guess you could say, she liked it there. :) Over these years, Beth began to feel that God desired her to work at Interface full time. So she went to Bible school with NTM and then to the Missionary Training Center. And God allowed for her to return to Interface as the Chef in 2003. And that was where she was working in 2005 when Jacob arrived as an Interface student/ NTM of Canada Associate.
Since the Interns didn’t have a kitchen of their own most of the time Jacob was at Interface, Jacob enjoyed eating meals at Beth’s place with the other Interns. Through this time of eating together and hanging out a lot, they became friends. When it was time for Jacob to leave 8 months later, the two were quite sad. Emails started between the two of them and lasted many years. After Jacob left he decided missions was something he wanted to do. So he went to NTM Training Center. During his time in the training, Interface contacted Jacob about returning to join the staff. After finishing the training Jacob felt Interface was the place God wanted him to serve. And he felt that Beth was the woman God wanted him to marry. So in August 2008 he decided he must first ask Beth what she thought. After talking about it, they both felt that God wanted them to start dating as Jacob planned to head back to Interface. They dated for one year via email, Skype, letters and packages. Then they finally met because Beth headed home for home assignment for 6 months! July 13, 2009 was the exciting day! Then August 17, 2009 Jacob asked Beth to marry him. And of course she said “Yes!”.  They got married on November 9, 2009 and arrived back at Interface to join the staff as a married couple on January 31, 2010. We served on the Interface staff until July 2012 when we headed home for our Home Assignment and to have our son, Jonathan. While we were away the Interface campus closed down and the Interface program moved to Madang due to lack of finances. So then we were asked to work in the Sepik region of Papua New Guinea, at the NTM support centre in Wewak. So that is where we are today, Jacob serves on the maintenance team and helps with the NTM Centre’s security and Beth works in the business office a few days a week when Jonathan is napping.
So, now you know the story of how a young man from Nova Scotia’s fishing community and a woman from the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts end up together, serving God in Papua New Guinea! :)
January 2019 * Rev. Edward & Christine Vergara have retired from AOG World Missions in Central America after 30 years of missionary service.
They have returned to the US with family. A final missionary video report is at this link 
January, 2019 Michael and Rachele Michael and Rachel Sleep left Wycliffe and have returned to the US. Mike accepted a job with the University of New Hampshire. They continue to work with refugees and asylum seekers and are helping with a small Indonesian Church in New Hampshire.
* Katherine and Isaac Tombe are involved in a new ministry and new church, Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church of South Sudan. Isaac is an elder & teacher and was scheduled to become ordained as a minister on Dec 15. He is a regular presenter on a new gospel radio station. Katherine has been teaching English and Christian Education to upper primary levels at the Cornerstone school church. They have left Operation Nehemiah but maintain close contact
We Treat, Jesus Heals is the motto of Tenwek hospital in Bombet, Kenya.   Tenwek hospital is a ministry of World Gosepel Mission and Africa Gospel Church.  From its humble beginning as a single-nurse dispensary in 1937, Tenwek has grown to a 260 bed hospital offerning specialty care to patients from local and regional areas as well as from throught the country. 

   Russ spends the majority of his time teaching and discipling young Christian doctors who are studying surgery at Tenwek Hospital. He is also actively involved in the life of the local church. Specific ministry roles include: Chief of Surgery, director of Residency Training Program in General Surgery, director of Medical Education, director of Cardiac Surgery, and director of Surgical Research Program at Tenwek; lay leader at Bethesda Africa Gospel Church; and board member of Kenya Highlands Evangelical University.
   Beth: One of Beth’s main roles is to support Russ in his work from home. She is also actively involved in the discipleship of some of the female doctors in training and hosts a number of Bible studies for the wives of doctors in training. She takes care of their family; homeschools their youngest child, Anna; and teaches in a homeschooling coop. Additionally, Beth hosts and entertains visitors who come to serve at Tenwek and is involved in care and outreach to the indigent in the Tenwek area.

Below is a Video of their work, family and lives in Kenya and a new 
Hearts for Children - Tenwek Hospital Video that describes some of their work. 
     Mike & Janet Hencher,  
    Mike was born in London and with his wife Janet, raised five children. Before being involved full-time in Christian work, Mike was a civil engineer. In 1972 he joined the office staff of the Movement for World Evangelisation and then worked with the Don Summers Evangelistic Association as an evangelist. For nine years he worked in fellowship with Counties, working mainly in Gloucestershire. In 1978 the Christian Television Association began its work in his home town in Bristol and this involvement with the media led to being asked to broadcast on Trans World Radio and local radio stations.
From 1995 he studied at The University of Gloucestershire, obtaining a BA (Hons) in Theology and an MA in Biblical Studies. Recently, under the auspices of The Missing Peace Trust, he has written books and produced DVDs and Online videos working with Foxvideo Productions. He is now devoting as much time as possible to assisting the work of Western Way Chapel Dymock and working on the Tom Roberts Adventure Centre project.

    Western Way Chapel is a Christian Fellowship who believe the Bible is the inspired word of God and base our lives and worship on it's teaching.We believe that faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ brings eternal salvation and a living relationship with God our heavenly Father through the Holy Spirit. Messages are often recorded, are in series and can be listened to on the Western Way Chapel at www.westernwaychapel.org

   Mike & Janet minister thru the Missing Peace Trust and the Western Way Chapel in Gloucestershire, England.  Updates are provided on their website or by e-mail.  Below is a recent video update that was posted on the Western Way website.
Mission Statement
The Associates for Biblical Research exists to serve the global Church of Jesus Christ through ministries that affirm and promote the full authority, reliability and inerrancy of the Scriptures.

  Dr. Bryant Wood became a Christian while an undergraduate in college. After working as a nuclear engineer at General Electric for thirteen years, God called him to serve in the area of Biblical archaeology and he returned to school for training in this field. After earning a Master’s degree in Biblical history from the University of Michigan, he went on to the University of Toronto where he received a Ph.D. in Syro-Palestinian archaeology.
 Dr. Bryant’s work demonstrates the truth of the Biblical account of the capture of Jericho (Joshua 2–6) and received international media attention. ABR is open for participation in excavations.  Roy Anderson often works with them in some of their excavations.
November, 2015 Short Term Mexico Medical Missions trip.

In November of 2015 Hope Church again sent a group of members to participate in a short term missionary trip.  Please click here to upload a presentation (PDF) of the trip made to Hope Church after our return. 

Please talk to Bruce and visit their website at http://www.mexicanmedical.com/ to take a look at amazing short term missions trips to Mexico. 
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