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Hope Missions
Hope Missionary Current News and Events

The Hope Church Missions group meets on a regular basis (currently via Zoom), to review news from our international missionaries, to communicate with them, and to compile updates from them to Hope Church.

Click on each missionary team's name on the left for the most recent update and contact information. 

Our Goals: 
  *To develop an annual missions calendar updated by the missionaries with prayer requests for each new year. 
  *To send updates and newsletters when received on to Hope Church members. 
  *To develop regular "missionary summary" documents to send to Hope Church members that record the most recent updates for all our missionaries on one document. 
  * To help facilitate missionary visits to Hope Church and an Annual Missions Conference held each October. 
  * To develop and maintain close "Sending Church" relationships between our missionary teams and the members and leaders of Hope Church. 
  * To administer an "Emergency Missionary" fund that is used when emergent and/or unexpected missionary needs arise. 
All of our missionary families have been impacted by COVID-19 especially in poorer and unstable countries. Please click on the names of the ministries on the left for a description, updates, and contact information. Two teams have been omitted from the website listing intentionally for safety and security reasons. We will keep Hope Church members updated by email on these teams. 
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