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Hope Missions
Hope Missionary Current News and Events
Each Month the Hope Church Missions group meets to review news from our Foreign Missionaries, to communicate with them and to develop updates  
 June 19,  All of our missionary families have been impacted by Covid 19 especially in poorer and unstable countries. The following is a brief update about each of our missionaries. Two teams were left out on purpose because they are in sensitive locations.
  The information is based on emails, newsletters and written letters to Hope Missions team members and Hope Church.   
 The June Missionary summary should be sent by email to Hope Church members soon. 

  Bruce and the Missions Team at Hope Church. 
June 2020 Updates & Prayer Requests from our Hope Church Missionaries  
 (Summary only, full text in May/June updates & emails)
A Very Long Journey Home



Daniel Ponraj & Snubh Sanesh arrainged transportation home to to people that had been forced to walk for days.
Bishop Daniel & S.D. Ponraj
Bihar Christian Church
Contact, Daniel, Stacey
 Contac, SD, Jim.
Daniel and S.D. Ponraj, Updated June 8.   Daniel and S.D Ponraj continue to send updates with many pictures and descriptions of the immense need and impact of Covid 19 on the people Bihar Christian Church.  The missionaries are now deeply involved in providing health education, food, and medical assistance to help people survive the epidemic. Daniel wrote “At this point our effort is to save human lives and to fully support the essential services. We have directed all our resources of people, infrastructure, network and finances to respond to those who are in critical need of life saving assistance.”
   There has been a tremendous need for people isolated when the pandemic started to be able to return home. Many have to walk massive distances.  Daniel wrote this June 8 about success they have had helping people with this very hazardous trip.
  “ In response to the hundreds of thousands of migrants walking on the road, desperate to get back home, our agency provided transportation for them in Dhanbad district. In the hottest month of the year - May, people were walking the roads in 44 degree Celsius. Some of them walking without slippers on their feet, some walking days with water and food, even writing about this brings tears to the eyes”.
   “We ran a bus service that was for free on NH19 which is the busy highway from Delhi to Kolkata, to pick up migrants and transport them to relief camps and to transportation centers. They were safely transported to the borders in states surrounding Jharkhand.
We believe that people, however poor or underprivileged, are made in the image of God. They are our neighbors that we should love as we love ourselves. We are called to serve them in their point of extreme distress. We will use every resource we have to show Christ love in action to those who are hurting due to Covid19”
*Click here to view a utube video of the effort to provide transportation home.*
Please pray for Daniel and S.D. Ponraj as they minister to the people of India now coping with dramatic increases in Covid 19 infections.

WOL Romania
Mihai & Ana Laura Bucur
 Contact: Kate
Extensive Storm damage to newly renovated dining room and auditorium.
Mihai and Ana Laura Bucur, Updated June 1.
   “God's Word does not turn back empty.   Your prayers are part of these beautiful harvest!  Spiritual fruits in the lives of the youth we have been disciplining and training for summer ministries through an online platform. It has been amazing to see how so many of them have been longing for help in their spiritual walk with the Lord. They are taking their own initiative to evangelize, see friends come to Christ and they themselves are starting to disciple friends. What a Joy!” 
   “Last week our  Camp property experience a sudden but very strong hail and rain storm that produced damages on the all four sides of the dining room and auditorium building especially the inside ceiling.Just days before the storm hit,we had finished renovating the inside walls of the buildings.  We thank God for His protection for Viorel and Alina, their kids and Luci Dumitru ,they are safe and well.”
    “We are in a way overwhelmed by the storm damages, it hit the 4 sides of the building, and it has to do with the roof system , the wind was like a tornado going through under the roof but also through some parts of the roof metal sheets.  Around Some of the roof windows the drywall is soaked.”
    “All together the calculated damage is around $6000  in materials, considering that we would do the repair by ourselves. We praise the Lord that we have already received $1000. Would you please pray with us as we seek the Lord to supply for this need. This is a link to the Property Project Donation (Project ID:05305C), if you would feel led to send a donation.

Western Way Chapel
Mike & Janet Hencher 
Contact: Kelli
 Mike & Janet Hencher, April 26 Update, “We have really benefitted from Hope's video presentations on the website.  Some of our folk struggle with technology and some have no computer.  I have been battling with the video-making process - difficult on your own but manage to get something together each week.  Ironically, we are reaching far more people than by church service alone, so we will certainly continue this.  We are all well and trying to redeem the time we have been given.  This is a wakeup call for sure to accelerate the preaching of the Gospel and particularly the Second Coming of Christ.
   During this last month, I have reprinted 10K English, 10K Hindi and 10K Spanish Missing Peace.  So pleased that the printer is prepared to store them for a while as we would be inundated.”  “Please pray for safety & ability to sustain the Chapel in a challenging time.
  The Western Way Chapel cannot meet together but like us are producing video messages.”
They can be found at this link. https://www.westernwaychapel.org/messages/

Operation Nehemiah
William & Hannah Levi
  Contact: Suzanne
On March 27, 2020, according to OCHA, ( United Nations' Office of Coordination and Humanitarian Affairs), "the likely impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Markets and food security in South Sudan will have dire consequences on 6.5 million people out of 12 million were expected to face severe food insecurity. "  This is 54. 2 % of the entire  country marked for starvation!
     William and Hannah Levi family update, June 8.
     “Dear Hope Church and family of families, on behalf of my household, from the depth of our hearts, we want to thank God for you for praying for us. I just want to announce to you that our awaited daughter is here. Elishevah Bethel Hatikvah Levi was born this afternoon at  12:13PM on the same birthday as her mother; May 28, 2020. She came out at 36 weeks, 4 weeks short of her due date, defying all the odds of being born prematurely at 36 weeks by C-section. But by the grace of God, all went well.  She was born She weighing 6.14 lb and she is 19.5" long. She is beautiful and healthy and so  is Mama Hannah.  All the operations that Hannah underwent through were successful.The mother and the baby are both doing peacefully well at BMC, Pittsfield, MA.”
    “With CV-19 lockdown at BMC's  medical policy, maternity visitations and on site attendance was completely limited to one person that is me husband and father. After attending to everything that went on for Hannah and the baby, with full assurance that they will be okay, I returned home to attend to the rest of the children. I will only go back to bring them home possibly on Sunday or Monday. No further visitation even for me. But you can make call at the hospital.”
   “Elishevah, means God's promises. They are "Yes Amen." BethEl means House of God. Genesis 28:10-end.  Hatikvah, means, The Hope, Jeremiah 29:11 and Israel's National Anthem.
God bless, In His grace, William”
   ** Regular updates from Operation Nehemiah can be found at

Craig and Kristi Libby
 Mexican Medical Ministries
Contact: Alice
This is a short overview of a comprehensive newsletter that was sent to Hope Members by email May 25
   Craig & Kristy Libby, Updated May 25 from complete newsletter to Hope   
     “Meeting, Organizing, Repartiendo, Encouraging This past month has found us doing more of what we want to be doing everyday...
Meeting with our partners in Tijuana. Craig and Octavio have been able to cross the border regularly to spend time with our ministry partners in Tijuana. They have been able to meet with the Brigada department heads for fellowship and prayer time.
Organizing.  There's been a lot of organizing and maintaining going on with the Tijuana Brigada equipment.”
    “Repartiendo. Repartiendo is the spanish word for distributing. The trips across the border have allowed us to get many supplies across for Hospital El Buen Pastor in San Quintin.
Encouraging. Through all of these activities our intent has been to encourage those around us, on both side of the border! It's a joy to build deeper relationships with our partners in Mexico, as well as with our neighbors in the United States.”
   “Thank you  so much for your partnership with us! We are grateful for the team the Lord has blessed us with. You, our supporters, are critical. Because of your sacrificial giving of resources and time spent in prayer we are able to do M.O.R.E. Thank you!”

Mexican Medical
Dr. Alvaro & Soledad Avila
Contact: Joann
(Joann emailed Dr. Avila and their daughter on June 7 and is awaiting a response.)  
Soledad Avila, Updated April 8   (From a response to an email from Joann)
 Good morning brothers and sisters, I trust God that you are well.  All the Avila family is well, thank God. (Joann also sent an email June 6, awaiting a response)
   “I want to tell you what's happening in Los Cabos for inclusion in your prayers.
Since I started it, from the coronavirus, people have lost their jobs and have no money for their families. Hotels are all closed.”  “Please pray for them if they continue to lose work.  My husband (Dr. Avila) is serving patients who are not sick from the coronavirus but do not want to be cared in hospitals; most need blood pressure medicine and diabetes medication. I ask you to please pray for my daughter Diana Laura since she is working every day even though there are no special care measures in their work.
And please pray for the whole situation because people want to start with vandalism and that is extremely dangerous”.
  “We had the opportunity to receive an offering from Mexican Medical and brought supplies to pantries to deliver to families in churches with the greatest need.
 Thank you, sisters and brothers, love and blessings to you.”
  (All messages are shared with Jan & Steve Crews and their daughter Dubiel who lives in the area with them and is a big part of their ministry)

Dr. Russell & Beth White
Tenwek Hospital
Contact: Jim
Dr. Russell & Beth White, Newsletter April 9   So how is COVID-19 affecting us here at Tenwek? We have heard that question many times. While we have not yet had a single confirmed case here, we are all anticipating this to change quickly and have already made many changes to our lives. Here are a few: Anna is home from school!! (all schools are closed)
All church services are cancelled, all people in the country have a 7 p.m. curfew.
All open-air markets are closed, all national borders are closed.
All outpatient clinics have been restricted to only serious cases., All elective surgery has been cancelled, all inpatients are restricted to one visitor during very limited hours.
So, what does this mean for us? We are, of course, very happy to have Anna home with us. Her boarding school, the Rift Valley Academy, wisely decided to cancel school two weeks early and then more recently, for the rest of the school year. They will continue with on-line classes, but Anna will not go back until she starts her junior year of high school at the end of August (if all has quieted down by then). Jamie is finishing his junior year of college online and staying with friends. We are all pretty restricted in our travel.’ Please pray for safety & God’s guidance.
    Jeff Walsh, Director
 AC World Missions,
Contact Kathie & Bruce
COVID-19 Sends AC Churches Online
Visit the Advent General Christian Website for links to all online sermons. https://acgc.us/
   Jeff Walsh, Advent Christian General Conference, Updated May 21
United States (International Missions Office) – “With lots of restrictions in place worldwide due to the pandemic, we've had to make adjustments and find creative ways of encouraging the continued spread of the gospel. Please pray for the following directly related to the work of our International Missions office:
  • For our mission director and area directors as they provide online encouragement through Zoom Meetings.
  • For our missionaries and ministry leaders as they minister to those who are experiencing anxiety, stress and starvation as a result of COVID-19.
  • For Penny Crusade involvement and support for this year. (Penny Crusade is the backbone of support for our missionaries and ministries.)
  • That the Holy Spirit will sustain our mission work”.

New Tribes Ministries
Papua New Guinea
Jacob & Beth Devine
Contact: Kate
   Jacob & Beth Devine, On Sun, Jun 7, Dear Friends and Family,
   Today we should have been flying to Brisbane on our way back to the US. But God has other plans for us over the next 6 months! Thank you all for praying for us as we made this decision of when to head home. We are unable to stay in Brisbane as planned due to Covid-19 plus Naomi’s annual medical checkups were all postponed until the end of the year. Flights out of PNG are very few and very risky (great possibility of change/cancel). And right now missionaries haven’t been able to return to PNG. So there are fewer missionaries here at the centre to support those missionaries in the interior locations doing Church Planting.
   We are SOOO thankful that our travel agent was able to get completely new tickets for us going the other way around the world for no extra cost!! We plan to leave mid-December for Naomi’s Brisbane appointments and fly into Boston on Christmas Day! J Please pray that all goes well arranging all Naomi’s appointments during the 1 ½ weeks we are there. And pray that we won’t need to quarantine, because we would love to see Beth’s family for Christmas for a week and then fly to Nova Scotia to be with Jacob’s family! And hopefully by December Beth will also have her Canadian Permanent Residency Status!
The Sleeps, new baby boy.
Birth announcement from Michael & Rachel Sleep (Our former missionaries with Wycliffe). Updated June 7.
     “What a week we've had. Our son, Oliver Moses, has finally joined our family. With God at our right hand Oliver's long awaited arrival was smooth, and Rachele (Haapanen) had all the strength she needed for a natural birth.
God has been so gracious to us. Oliver is a healthy and alert child, and he has stretches of relative calm. We rejoice and hope you will join us! He weighed 6 lb, 8 oz and was 19 inches long. Oliver means "peace" and Moses means "set apart". We love him!
     People have been praying for our family to grow (in all kinds of ways) for many years. We've been humbled and surprised by their faithfulness. Thank you to all. What else can we say? Our family is so big. Cheers.”

Even in coronavirus lockdown, we are still working toward the reopening of our preschool. The Kenyan government now mandates colorful tables and chairs to enhance the environment of early learning classrooms. Here, head social worker, Wycliff, is setting up the newly purchased furniture.
Africa Connect Preschool
Sue Choquette
Contact: Jim
Sue Choquette
Africa Connect, May 29 Update Prepared for Hope Church by Sue Choquette.  
     “Throughout the month of May, Africa Connect’s work of crisis relief has continued. Relief packages of food, soap and cloth masks have been distributed to 35 to 40 families of our preschool and IMS-sponsored children and their families each week. Food scarcity is a serious issue. The masks are being made by the instructors and students in our Tailoring empowerment program. As in the U.S., the schools are closed and the children remain at home. The government is refusing to reschedule the year-end KPCE exams (placement exams for 8th graders and high school seniors) and is working hard to re-open primary and secondary schools in June. We are unsure of the situation for the preschool. Currently there are 1,618 confirmed cases of the virus with 58 deaths, but none in Transnoiza County where our schools are located.   (continued on next page)
     Concerning food scarcity – I know there isn’t space to print all this – but this is such a poignant description of the issue of hunger as shared by a Kenyan friend on Facebook for those who may not have seen it.”
                           HUNGER vs. CORONAVIRUS
Current situation (just thinking aloud):
Two main pandemics we are fighting at the moment are:
1. Coronavirus
2. Hunger virus.
Two main groups of people at the moment fighting the pandemics:
1. The RICH.
2. The POOR.
The global irony and the African outlook:
The RICH is afraid of the virus.
The POOR is afraid of hunger.
The RICH wants the poor to stay at home to avoid the spread;
Hunger won't allow the POOR to stay at home.
The POOR fears that if they stay at home, the hunger virus will kill them.
The RICH fears that if they come out of their homes, the coronavirus will kill them.

        “What a delicate situation we have ...Opinion:
“In order to restore the world to its normal social equilibrium:
The rich should assist the poor with food, so that they can stay at home.
When the rich succeeds in keeping the poor at home by providing enough food, the spread of the coronavirus which the rich fears the most will be chased out!
This is common sense. Yet because some people have the microphones, all you hear is, “Stay at home!” “Stay at home!
“How can they stay at home when the hunger virus is at home?
Fight Coronavirus. Fight Hunger, Stay safe”.

With love and gratitude, Sue Choquette
 Please pray for the people served by Africa Connect and all of Kenya at a time of great trial brought on by both Covid 19 and the resulting danger and hunger.

ABR, Dr. Bryant & Faith Wood
Contact: Kelli

Dr. Bryant & Faith Wood, ABR Update, June 4, Dear Faithful Supporter,
    “As you may have heard, it was necessary for us to cancel the 2020 season of the Shiloh dig due to the Corona Virus.  This was very disappointing since the 2020 season was on track to be one of our largest dig seasons ever.  But, amidst all of the bad news we hear on a daily basis, I have some good news for you.  We had worked for some months with the University of Pennsylvania Press in Philadelphia as a potential publisher for our Khirbet el-Maqatir dig report.  Then, in April, they suddenly decided they would not be able to publish our volumes due to the Corona Virus and other considerations.  At first, this seemed like bad news, but as it turned out to be of the Lord.  As we checked around for another publisher, a colleague in Israel recommended Archaeopress in Oxford, England.  When we submitted a proposal to Archaeopress, they responded in a very positive manner.  The director wrote, “Clearly the site is of great significance and we should be very pleased to go ahead with publication. Clearly these will be landmark publications.”  This was good news indeed!  There are many things we like about Archaeopress, including the fact that they use BC and AD and not the deplorable BCE (Before the Common Era) and CE (Common Era) used by most scholarly publications today….” (The complete update was sent to Hope members by Marcia).
    “Although it was necessary for us to cancel our spring fund-raising banquet and the summer Shiloh dig, ABR is actively proclaiming the truth of God’s word through our website, social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), the Digging for Truth weekly TV program, our monthly electronic newsletter and the quarterly magazine Bible and Spade.
   We deeply appreciate your faithful support that allows us to continue God’s work during this difficult time in our country and around the world.  May God richly bless you as you remain steadfast in your faith and trust Him for all things”.
Victory in Jesus,
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