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Hope Missions
Hope Missionary Current News and Events
Each Month the Hope Church Missions group meets to review news from our Foreign Missionaries, to communicate with them and to develop updates  
  April 22,  All of our missionary families have been impacted by Covid 19 especially in poorer and unstable countries. The following is a brief update about each of our missionaries. Two teams were left out on purpose because they are in sensitive locations.
  The information is based on emails, newsletters and written letters to Hope Missions team members and Hope Church.   
  Please contact us if you want more information, much is sent out in Hope Church emails to members. 

  Bruce and the Missions Team at Hope Church. 
Mihai and Ana Laura Bucur, April 10, “Dear Friends, We thank you so much for your prayers and support, what an encouragement it is for us in the middle of the worldwide difficult situation.”
  “Please allow us to share with you how God continues to work beyond limitations we think are impossible to overcome. Sofia is doing well; the exercises already are showing results and her ability to focus for reading and writing are getting better. Many scheduled activities are canceled because of the pandemic.”
   “So, we are focusing on discipleship and youth training through online platform. We pray for the spiritual growth of many young people, and we continue to motivate them to reach to their classmates and friends online with the Gospel of Christ.”
  “Please pray for wisdom dealing with the local authority as our camp property was enlisted as a potential place to be used for Corona Virus in the area. We want to be sensitive to the need and serve the people in need introducing Christ to them”.
 Jacob & Beth Devine, March 25, Dear Friends and Family, we are praying through each day here in Papua New Guinea for North America and the world as we all go through this unprecedented time of the Corona Virus. (Kate & Bruce responded April 10)
“NTM PNG is continuing to work through the challenges presented by the COVID-19 situation. The Papua New Guinea government did confirm the country’s first case of COVID-19 on 20 March. This was determined to be an imported case with no evidence of local transmission”. (Kate responded April 10)
Right now, we feel it is safe for us to stay here. We want to be able to help in any way we can with the Church Planting effort that continues here. We are trusting our loving God who is the God of organized chaos. We know He will bring us through this in ways we can’t imagine, but it will be for good. We are very uncertain about our departure from PNG on June 7th. But we know that whenever God enables us to leave, it will be the right time to head home! We are very excited for a reunion with our family and friends after all this is finished! Please pray for safety & continued ability to minister.
 Mike & Janet Hencher, Feb 4, response to e-mail, Bruce & Kelly. (No note since Covid 19 start)
“Thanks, for the update.  I was unable to preach last Sunday as the dreaded bronchitis has returned.  We used a message by Alistair Begg of Cleveland Ohio, don't know if you have come across him.  I knew him when we were young evangelists before he moved to the States and he has gone on to great things.  Would value prayer for the Wathen family. Diana wife of Peter and mother to Luke and Matt tragically took her own life recently due to severe mental issues.  Thank you for your prayerful concern.  I hope to be able to preach this Sunday.  Technology is very helpful in an emergency.  Any chance that Wes will move over here?
     Operation Nehemiah Newsletter. April 13, Shalom ,  from the depth of hearts, giving thanks to God Almighty, we want to wish you and your family a blessed Passover and memorable  Resurrection weekend as we weather down the storm of Corona virus waiting patiently upon the Lord to provide the way out of this pandemic. Our families gathered both here in the USA and South Sudan in our respective homes celebrating Passover and Resurrection Weekend.  Our field staff and their families want to express their gratitude to you for your support and prayers in the midst of Corona virus lock-down, yet they are able to have food, water, and shelter. (Understanding the  Great  Commission through the Prism of Passover and Resurrection was focused on after this introduction).
   April 9. Craig and Kristy Libby “What a difference a few days makes! We are so thankful for how the Lord moved mountains and allowed us to accomplish so much last month! It seemed that there was more to be done than was even possible to see accomplished, and yet, God moved, things got done, and people came to know the risen Christ as their personal Savior. Alas, that was last month’s letter.
“Just a few days after our last letter to you, the whole world came to a halt, literally. With the government mandates for both the United States and Mexico much of what we had been planning and preparing for was either canceled or postponed. We were planning to serve with four different teams in April, but each of those were canceled. We are praying that a couple of them will reschedule later in the year. In this time of "isolation" we'd love to hear from you! Drop us a note, give us a call.
April 8, Soledad Avila,
   (Response from email from Joann) Good morning brothers and sisters, I trust God that you are well, all the Avila family is well, thank God.
   I want to tell you what's happening in Los Cabos for inclusion in their prayers
Since I started it from the coronavirus people therefore, they have no job and no money for their families began to fire. Hotels are all closed believed to give them support workers Please pray that if they do.  My husband is serving patients who are not of the coronavirus since not want to care in hospitals and most need blood pressure medicine and diabetes. I ask you to please pray for my daughter Diana Laura since she if you are working every day even if no care measures in their work.
And please pray for the whole situation because people want to start with vandalism and that is extremely dangerous.
We had the opportunity to receive an offering of Mexica medical and bought supplies to pantries to deliver to families of churches with the greatest need.
 Thanks brothers love them blessings
  (All messages are shared with Jan & Steve Crews and their daughter Dubiel who lives in the area with them and is a big part of their ministry) Joann responded back.
Dr. Russell & Beth White, April 9 Newsletter. “so how is COVID-19 affecting us here at Tenwek? We have heard that question many times. While we have not yet had a single confirmed case here, we are all anticipating this to change quickly and have already made many changes to our lives. Here are a few:
Anna is home from school!! (all schools are closed)
All church services are cancelled.
All people in the country have a 7 p.m. curfew.
All open  air markets are closed.
All national borders are closed.
All outpatient clinics have been restricted to only serious cases.
All elective surgery has been cancelled.
All inpatients are restricted to one visitor during very limited hours.
Everyone entering the hospital is screened every time they enter the hospital.
We join our local church service each Sunday on Facebook Live.
So what does this mean for us? We are, of course, very happy to have Anna home with us. Her boarding school, the Rift Valley Academy, wisely decided to cancel school two weeks early and then more recently, for the rest of the school year. They will continue with on-line classes, but Anna will not go back until she starts her junior year of high school at the end of August (if all has quieted down by then). Jamie is finishing his junior year of college online and staying with friends. We are are all pretty restricted in our travel. We can still go to our local town for very basic grocery supplies.
   Jeff Walsh, Advent Christian General Conference
  April 18 Response to email from Hope, Hi Bruce and all, Thanks so much for your prayers and encouragement. I hope you all at Hope Church are doing well and the Lord is leading you into different pathways for ministry in these unusual times.
We are also making arrangements for missionaries Erwin and Rowena Cabrizos to share with us through a public livestream on Facebook…. Erwin has created a Facebook page called “Penny Crusade.” He will livestream from that page on Thursday evening. Please spread the word and join us. “ Thanks, Jeff Walsh.
 Sue Choquette, April 10 response to Hope email, Personally, Bob and I are doing very well; and God is really blessing our tiny organization in allowing us to respond in this time of crisis to the needs in Kenya. Attached is an update on the situation in Kenya and the response of Africa Connect. Thanks!  Much love in the Lord,  Sue Choquette,
  (This is the start of the update), “The first case of coronavirus in Kenya was identified on March 13th, the same day we actually arrived home in the U.S. (Coincidentally, it was a Kenyan university student from Kitale returning home from studies in the U.S.!) As of April 9, 2020, there were 184 confirmed cases of COVID-19 throughout Kenya with 7 reported deaths. Also, Kenya is in the top seven low and middle-income countries most vulnerable to direct adverse economic losses due to the coronavirus.
There is currently a mandatory, country-wide curfew imposed between 7pm and 5am.All international travel has been banned. Movement is seriously restricted in most areas and police-enforced (abuse of power being reported).”
Dr. Bryant & Faith Wood, April 2, email update,
Dear Fellow Laborer in the Lord’s work, The COVID-19 virus is on every ones minds these days. Many are calling it “a plague of Biblical proportions.” Is that a valid description? Yes and no. Definitions.net defines the statement “of Biblical proportions” as: “Of or pertaining to a natural disaster or other cataclysmic event so immense that it brings to mind biblical accounts of horrific catastrophes.”
  The current pandemic finds no parallel in Scripture.  The accounts of infectious plagues in the Old Testament are all local in nature and brought about by God’s judgement against the sins of Israel.  Probably the most widespread of these plagues was a three-day plague throughout Israel because David had conducted a census (1 Chronicles 21).  The only Biblical event that would be comparable to our present situation was Noah’s Flood, which was world-wide.”
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