Mexican Medical 2015 Mission Trip
In November of 2015 Hope Church again sent a group of members to participate in a short term missionary trip.  Please click here to upload a presentation (PDF) of the trip made to Hope Church after our return. 

Please talk to Bruce and visit their website at to take a look at amazing short term missions trips to Mexico. 
Mexico Trip Information Sheet and Application
Dates: November 12 – 21, 2015 
To support and grow local Advent Christian and other evangelical churches in Ensenada, Mexico and San Quintin, Mexico, through a medical outreach in Tijuana called a “Medical Brigada”  Present the Gospel to the children and families at Camp Vergel in San Quintin, Mexico, through VBS and film ministry.  Encourage the Bible students at the La Esperanza Bible School by providing organized outreaches for them to gain experience in leadership.  Provide light construction at Clinica La Esperanza and participate in VBS and a Christian Film Night for children. 
 - All-inclusive from San Diego, CA from breakfast, Thursday, Nov 12, 2015 through breakfast, Saturday November 21. 
 - Please bring additional money for tourist shopping. 
- Exact amount TBA based on fundraising. 
Payment Schedule:  
There are a limited number of spots available for this trip.
This will all be covered at the Mexico Medical planning meeting June 27 after Church in the youth room. 
Thursday, November 12:  Depart Lenox, MA and fly to San Diego, CA, where we will spend the night at the Mexican Medical Ministries office in Lemon Grove, CA..  
Friday, Nov. 13: Obtain Mexican Visas, transport medical outreach supplies 3 hours south to Tijuana, Mexico, then construct the tents for the medical outreach.  Housing will be in Tijuana. 
Saturday, Nov 15:  Assist with the logistics of the 4000 person medical event, cook 4000 hot dogs, perform a morning children’s health program and an afternoon VBS for 1000 children.  In the evening, deconstruct the medical tents. Housing will be in Tijuana. 
Sunday, Nov. 16:  Transport medical outreach supplies 2 hours further south to San Quintin, Mexico.  Relocate to the La Esperanza mission base.  Afternoon free time.  Attend the local evening church service at the La Esperanza mission base in San Quintin.
Monday, Nov. 16 – Thursday, Nov 19. Work at Clinical La Esperanza and minister in the area provding light construction, VBS to local children, film night for children and conduct an ear clinic.  We will worship with the local church on Sunday.  
Friday, Nov. 20:  Depart early to travel 6 hours north to the US border.  Bonfire debriefing at Coronado beach. Housing at Mexican Medical Ministries office.
Saturday, Nov. 21: Fly back in the morning. Will be picked up at the airport for trip back to Lenox. 
Passports: A US passport will be needed for this trip.  US passport must be valid 3 months beyond your intended stay.
Housing:  Housing will be in a dorm setting.  Please bring a pillow and sheets/sleeping bag along with your toiletries.
Temperature:  We anticipate dry, nice, warm weather ranging from 65 to 75 degrees.  
Clothing:  Clothing in Mexico is more conservative than in the United States.  We want to honor those with whom we are working by wearing very conservative clothing.  Please bring work clothes that do not show midriff when reaching above your head.  For church services, ladies will need to bring a dress or skirt (knee-length or longer) and men will need dress pants and shirts with collars.  Please, no shorts at any time on the trip except while swimming, when trunks are fine for men, and women will need to wear shorts and shirts over their bathing suits.  Please wear closed toed shoes at all times.  You may bring flip-flops for shower use.
In 2012, Hope Church joined with Vernon AC Church and partnered with local Mexican Churches on a 10 day missions trip that included 2 Health Care Brigada's, plays for mexican children, classes from Pastor Doug for Mexican pastors and worship with the local Church.

Below is the presentation made to Hope during a fellowship dinner that will give you a good idea of the type of ministry and experiences you can expect on a short term Mexico Medical Missions trip.  

Your best bet to understand what a short term missions trip would look like for you this fall is to take a look at the presentation made to Hope after our 2012 trip.  2015 will be a little shorter but very similar. 
(power point file, takes time to load) 

Click on file below. 
2012 Mexico Medical Trip, Presentation
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