Sunday Ministries

Adult Sunday School Classes ~ April - June    (Includes Jr. & Sr. High students)

Class Name: Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

Description:  This course is a response to Evangelical Feminism and will reveal God’s true design for man and woman as part of a comprehensive, Biblical worldview.  The subject is “complementarity”, the way in which men and women find happiness in owning their God-given identity and fulfilling their God-given roles.  Equal in dignity and worth, men and women share much in terms of Christian Discipleship, but we are NOT the same.

Why You Should Attend:   This course is appropriate for all age groups.  Most adults over the age of 50 have memories of the “American Feminist movement:  Breaking down barriers for women.” While the movement actually got its start in 1848, it really began to have a radical impact in the 1960’s & 70’s when the focus was on dismantling workplace inequality.  This movement has drastically changed the way we, even as Christians, value the unique, differences of male and female as designed by God the creator, and has spiraled out of control with the complete, societal breakdown of the nuclear family, same-sex-marriage, transgenderism & gender fluidity. 

We have been desensitized on this subject by the media, the workplace, public education, the courts, and in many cases, even within the evangelical church.  This course will re-open our eyes to the beauty, importance and value of God’s grand design for man and woman in His perfect plan.

Requirements:   This course has no prerequisite.

Resources:  Recovering Biblical Manhood & Womanhood (Piper & Grudem)

The Grand Design (Strachan & Peacock)


Class Name: First Principles Series I

Description: This course, developed by BILD International (BILD) is a catechetical teaching beginning with the essentials of the Christian faith.  The goal of the First Principle series is to lay a foundation of the First principles of the faith (based on the teachings of Christ) in the lives of believers that is so strong that they will be able to think biblically as they live their lives.  Another goal is to cultivate a desire to begin a journey toward the lifelong pursuit of wisdom.  The Focus of the First series is in the context of the local church.

Why You Should Attend: Hope Church has determined that this would be one of our “Foundation” courses as part of our philosophy of “Equipping the Saints for the work of Ministry and building up the body of Christ” Ephesians 4:12.  We are in full agreement with BILD’s contention that we are in an era of biblically illiterate believers.  Today it is crucial that we take to heart two verses that First Principles are formed around.  Colossians 2:8 tells us to not be held captive to the worlds philosophies but instead to those philosophies of Christ.  Secondly, Hebrews 5:11-14,  which reminds us that there is an expectation for those in the faith after many years that they would be mature and adequate in the Word; able to teach it, defend it, and to pass it on to the next generation.   We here at Hope affirm that good doctrine leads to a life of good ethics and good works.  We believe The First Principles lays the foundation for that.

Requirements: Church membership is suggested as a prerequisite, but not a requirement to take this course.

Resources:  The Series I Course is comprised of the following 4 books:
Becoming a Disciple
Belonging to a Family of Families
Participating in the mission of the Church
Cultivating Habits of the Heart

Class Name: Foundations (Creation/Evolution)

Description:  This course centers on the ongoing debate between “special creation” (as described in the first 8 chapters of Genesis) and Darwinian evolution.  We will examine in depth how the foundations of the Biblical worldview have been eroded in our western culture, and how the church itself has compromised God’s Word for popular secular opinion. 

We will seek to strengthen our confidence in God’s Word as absolutely reliable and inerrant, while examining many of the popular lines of attack from the dominate worldview of the western world.  Lastly, we seek to equip ourselves to engage those that reject God and His Word because of their incorrect perception that science contradicts a literal interpretation of Genesis.

Why You Should Attend:  If you’ve ever felt intimidated or overwhelmed when confronted by someone who dismisses Christianity and the Bible, or if you’ve ever experienced personal doubts about how much we really can trust every part of the Bible as written, this course is for you. 

 The focus of the course is squarely on building understanding and confidence that God’s Word, as written, is the ONLY real foundation for truth.  Throughout the course we will touch on various science topics, but the discussion will remain accessible to all.
Christians at all ages and levels of Biblical knowledge are encouraged to attend.

Requirements:  None, other than a desire to grow in confidence in God’s Word, and better engage the unsaved who have embraced the secular worldview of our culture.

Resources:  The Holy Bible

Foundations Curriculum (videos, and leader/participant workbooks)
Real, actual Science

Class Name:   Systematic Theology I

Description:  The purpose of this course is to provide the student with a working knowledge of the major elements underlying Systematic Theology. The course will survey the biblical teaching concerning Scripture, God, man, sin and salvation, the person and work of Christ, the Holy Spirit and application of redemption, the church, the return of Christ, the resurrection, judgment, and kingdom of God. Being a survey course, the main goal is to enable the student to lay a foundation on which to build a more thorough and complete understanding of theology as he matures in Christ.

Why You Should Attend:  This course is designed to help the student begin to think and reason from a sound theological    perspective so that he will learn how to bring every thought under the lordship of Christ. It is further hoped that the student will learn to use his mind in a loving and earnest pursuit of the knowledge of God.

Requirements:  Prerequisite (but not necessary):

Church Membership
This class runs for a total of 9 months.  It will be broken down into 3, 12-15 week periods.  It is recommended to take the course in the following order:
Systematic Theology I
Systematic Theology II
Systematic Theology III

Resources:  The Bible

Class Name:  NT Book: James - Guidelines for a Happy Christian Life

Facilitator:  Dean Shaw -  church library

Description:  This course is one of many based on work by Dr. John MacArthur’s Bible Studies.
The apostle James, the oldest half-brother of Jesus, was a key leader in the Jerusalem church. During the early days of the young church, the Jewish believers had been scattered by persecution. Out of  compassion, James wrote this epistle to confront them and
motivate them to test the quality and consistency of their faith.

In this short and powerful book, James gives us practical guidance on issues that also measure our true and living faith and our spiritual fruitfulness. He encourages us to “be doers of the word, and not hearers only,” to “draw near to God,” and “to be patient . . . until the coming of the Lord” (James 1:22; 4:8; 5:7). James calls all believers—then and now—to live a life that demonstrates saving faith marked by Godly behavior.



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