Sunday Ministries
In Becoming More of a Family of Families:  In an effort to move toward a more generationally integrated church community, our adult classes include students from 7th grade and up.  Since we believe that  students are capable of thinking at a higher level, and that both young and old can benefit from mutual discussion, we encouraged students and parents to attend Sunday School classes together.

Children’s Sunday School:
~Nursery:  for infants through 2 yrs. old.  Care Givers: Suzanne Ross, Debbie Ross & Dorinda Shaw
~Ultimate Questions for Kids” for ages 3 (potty trained)
  through 11 and their parents (optional) .  What are the questions kids should ask and the answers to those  questions?
Jr. Hi. ~ Adults
"Apologetics ~ Defending the Faith" RC Sproul video series.
A Community Evangelical Church