Flash: ON   June 20, 2019 
Craig & Kristi Libby

Craig and Kristi Libby are our missionaries with Mexico Medical.  Hope Church has been partners with their ministry through many years supporting them and going on short term missions trips to Mexico.   Craig and Kristi will be at Hope Church on Sunday, July 6 to give a brief update on their ministry from the pulpit then be available to meet with people over coffee in the youth classroom after the service.   Please join us.  

Mexico Medical Ministries work with the people of Mexico in a very dynamic way to witness the love of Christ.  This is done in many ways, medical outreaches, health fairs, health education and medical care. Each event includes opportunities to bring the message of the gosple to the people they serve.  In medical oureaches or brigadas this is often in the form of a prayer area or "tent" where local pastors witness to people in a very direct and individual manner.  In children's ministries, the message is often given through plays, skits, puppet shows and Christian movies (often shown from the back of a pickup truck).  Hope Church has been involved in many of these trips over a 20 year period.

Their team includes pastors, doctors, nurses, dentists, optomitrists and many other medical and non medical personnel.  A short term Mexico Medical missions trip is an excellent way to for you to both witness and partcipate in active missions work. Their website gives a very comprehensive picture what they do and what you can become involved in.   They currently have ongoing trips and are looking for people who want to partner with them to reach the people of Baja Mexico.  Click here for their website.

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