Video Messages, Pastor Doug
October 25, Revelation Series, The Church at Thyatira
Oct 18, Revelation Series, Revelation 2:12-17, Church at Pergamum 
Oct 11, Finding Hope in Troubled Times, Pastor Sam Cobb, Psalm 23
October 4, A Study in Genesis 18, Pastor Sam Cobb 
September 27, Revelation Series, Church at Pergamum 
Sept 20, Revelation Series, Rev. 2:8-11
Sept 13,2020  Return to Revelation Series, Pastor Doug Foss
Revelation 2:8-11 
Sept 6, Focus on The Lord's Prayer, The 7th Petition 
August 30, A Transitional Approach to Corporate Worship
Pastor Doug Foss 
August 23, Focus on The Lord's Prayer, The 6th Petition 
August 16, Focus on the Lord's Prayer, the 5th Petition. 
August 9, Dr. Wes & Cindy White, Missionaries, The Upper Room Church, Glasgow, Scotland 
Sermon only available by DVD by request for Hope Church Members for ministry safety. 
August 2, Pastor Mike Tuttle, Understanding Hope Church through our Logo
Focus on the Lord's Prayer, Pt 7
Matthew 6:9-15
A Community Evangelical Church